Hi!  My name is Sarah Newgard and I am so excited you found my page!  It is great you are here!   I have a passion for health and fitness and I want to share that with you!! I love to pour my heart into inspiring others, working with like minded people, teaching and trainingI strive to empower others and help everyone be their BEST!  


I attended the University of North Dakota and earned my bachelors degree in Marketing and my Masters of Business Administration (MBA).  After several years of working in the "corporate" world, I knew I wanted to do something different.  I knew I wanted to design my own life and really DO what I actually WANTED to do!  I followed my heart and started my own business.   


I specialize in healthy lifestyles (mind and body), nutrition and weight loss.  I earned my personal training certification from American Council of Exercise (ACE).  I am an in-home personal trainer, the owner of The PEDAL and I run a health and wellness business from my home. 


I truly believe no matter WHERE you are starting from, no matter your situation - you CAN achieve anything.  I believe you can achieve your life goals through your mindset, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.  

2017 by Sarah Newgard Fitness 

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